Hey There, Mr. Cramely

by The Supposed So

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Performed, Recorded and Produced by Michael McGuire

Cover Art by Michael Marras (mwmarras.com)

Recorded at Some Would Consider Studios
Lakewood, Ohio

McGuire 2012
What's Next Records 2012


released April 17, 2012




The Supposed So New York, New York

The Supposed So started in 2011 as a recording vehicle for the songs of Michael McGuire. Influenced by a wide range of artists, The Supposed So couples thoughtful, literate lyrics with new-folk and 60s pop music tendencies and lays it all bare through layered vocals over a textured backdrop of guitars, keys, and harmonica. Equal parts 60s Pop & Folk, 70s Singer-Songwriter and Power Pop and Punk. ... more

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Track Name: Cold Hands/The Mistress
i'm looking for...
whatcha you looking for?
i can't tell
the lamp's on in the corner
and oh, my head's so sore
and i can't sleep
though i'ts nearly three
oh, and i can't speak
but it doesn't matter
'cause you're not even listening to me

pictures of people passing by
on plain bicycles
like torn tricycles, crying
i swear you'd stab me in the eye with an icycle
if it wouldn't only melt in your hand
it seems i'll never be your man

the streets are covered with snow
in the middle of july; oh why, oh why?
it should be summertime
ah, winter's on my mind
it should be summertime
oh, summertime just passed me by


inside out and mismatched
it seems you have dismissed that
which tugs upon your coattails
and leads you from your hat
through daring feats of chivalry
and narrow slips passed poverty
it's a wonder that your bones have stayed intact

and even though the water flows
taking bridges and bankers the same
a tidal wave would seize the day
and take our poor river away
now where would we go to escape from this place?

and through the pines, you recognize
all the men who had fell at your legs
with their faces hidden;
did you once begin
to crawl toward the meadow instead
and relieve them their duty to beg
before they all turn to riverbed
Track Name: All I'm Ever Doing
cost-connected crisis cannot take my hands
or tie my arms in bands
i shiver when asked for more
so make me moderate
release this modern debt
and offer up the will i'm wanting for

'cause no sad eyes can see it coming
though we'd been running side by side
with i a step behind and dropping out
but i never thought it
and i never said it
and i never wrote it down
but it seems like all i'm ever doing now

dream as you slide across oceans of fiberglass
fields of blue-green
cold, caulked and clean
like your mom's bathroom sink
always sparkin'

and you have seen what is wandering
but it's always at bay
and it's barely alive
and it's slipping away
and it's certainly stashed
and possibly brash in as many words to say
you're reeling in yet falling from the day

and it's forcing the rains to whip past
as we walk a bit, but not so fast
as the memories reach me
and put me on hold
until i can mold and maneuver
but it just gets so old
all bruised and disguised
but merely mesmerized

'cause i never thought it
and i never said it
and i shouldn't write it down
but it seems like all i'm ever doing now