Such a Sinister Sort of Sweetness

by The Supposed So

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released January 3, 2012

Performed, Recorded and Produced by Michael McGuire
Cover Art by Michael Marras (

Recorded at Some Would Consider Studios
Lakewood, Ohio

McGuire 2012
*except "here we go (my friends)" mcguire/clark 2012
What's Next Records 2012




The Supposed So New York, New York

The Supposed So started in 2011 as a recording vehicle for the songs of Michael McGuire. Influenced by a wide range of artists, The Supposed So couples thoughtful, literate lyrics with new-folk and 60s pop music tendencies and lays it all bare through layered vocals over a textured backdrop of guitars, keys, and harmonica. Equal parts 60s Pop & Folk, 70s Singer-Songwriter and Power Pop and Punk. ... more

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Track Name: A Sort of Introduction
there's a certain splendor to moonlit nights
when you sit on damp grass and unmask

look up

what do you see?

i see all which covers us

but the moon's either winking or crying, i guess

even so, the mornings aren't mourned
we simply arise and simply adorn
we sort of slip aside or sit beside ourselves
we laugh heartily
we scorn mightily
and leave all limping behind

oh sigh, we beginners
years behind

we've forgotten too much

far too much

so to yourself, a question is pondered
didactically measured moments in wandering
we shudder or shake
all the more dirt to be laundered
all the more wills to be won't-ed
sauntering sideways
we just sidle by
and wonder of cold wood splintered
it seems the floor is shot

so feel it

so sing it

for as glitter, we glint
unfettered and unfit
like elastic
stretched to thine

oh sigh, we beginners
years behind

we worry me
we worry me

so take our plastic cells
because our plastic selves are still selling
maybe purchased outright
left to be shells, shelving
or drifting back among the nets waiting
all spaced out
we've been caught sailing to find some truth

because there's much sweetness, my friends
don't shiver with what you convalesce
merely wonder why you in the first place tried
to participate or rest
it's never too late to be left

oh sigh we beginners
years behind

we worry me...
Track Name: The Things We Condone
oh, professor
pull us toward the hole
it's black and without borders
father said, "knowledge takes its toll"
well are you not a lover, darling?
have you no beating heart?
supposing what your work has wrought
been bleeding from the start

well work a week, you're welcome
take a number, take a seat
sit back and rest awhile
elevate your feet
what have you seen since vacationing?
written it all out, have you
while us pupils take heed

well maybe we will
but i'd say we won't
you think there's only a few things
that we don't struggle to condone
apathy in the home
filtered water and tylenol
pictures of places unknown
plaster walls
and styrofoam
you think we've lost control
all our reason, illogical
taken to the top of the falls
getting ready to fall off

regarding vanity, our failures set the tone
among the hopeless are the helpless left alone
and they're devising a disguise to be reborn
what do you take me for?
and what have you been waiting for?

the moment all the gods pull back the blinds
and show off the inside of what lies behind your eyes
and facing your brilliant disguise
and removing the crutch from your side in time
we'll be walking in a little while
Track Name: Such a Sinister Sort of Sweetness
such a sinister sort of sweetness
singing songs onto the sun
while able-bodied peasants
please their people, wild and done
with what you may become
an eager messenger of all that is fun
and it is fun
la da da da da

do you, miss, require a seamstress?
does she measure your insides?
as cloaks and needles disappear before your eyes
to a place so precious yet defiled
will you take her to a numbered room
and draw pretty pictures on the walls?
you're positively lost it all but the rainfall
there's always the rainfall
so bring it on

silly saint, you know you ain't no god
so quiet your moods
and shield the gloom from the gloss
you know your statue will be stood
at the gates which would have led to providence
had it not been so misunderstood

where will you go when you cross that line?
deeper still or, thus, outside?
who decides what's real?
and what will next be revealed?
which wanting hand will hand you such appeals
'cause when you're healed
it's still surreal
(this is all - it's all too real)
Track Name: Here We Go (My Friends)
here we go, my friends
to gaze upon the land's end
where the midnight cars ride the bend
around until they're back again
and with every passing car
whose windows are down and whose music is on
so far away from where they're going
but the tank is full
there's no use in slowing down
down; just one in a crowd
taking its place as the music's growing
louder still
out of the speakers, spilled
and filling up our ears

so we will roll the windows up as we smoke
check our billfolds
no, we have broke the bank again
but we have joked and drank with you
all of our friends

so we stay full of doubts
but we wouldn't be so careless as to let them out
there is simply nothing else we are meant to do
and you know it's true
but we fall back into routine
and the irony is thick
if you could see it in our eyes
'cause they show it as they cry

here we go, my friends
we're on the road again
'cause we happen to be on lend
so cut short your goodbyes
there's no need, dry your eyes
this beginning is not that end

we roll the windows up as we smoke
check our billfolds
no, we have broke the bank again
so we push on to the end and around and back again
Track Name: As the Ceiling Goes, the Floor
one last but endless grasp for the door
turning the key and facing the floor
where the boards appear withered and grey
not counting on taking in strays
but keeping their distance while holding the space
convening on the blank face
of a watch ticking softly and possibly late
it may lead to controlled fate
or a bad break
or just what i needed in the first place

and facing the waters down
kept with a snide comment and a let-me-down
boasting of bold progression, untold
in a land locked in gear
with a wave, a goodbye and a "pardon me, dear"
"what have we here?"

where belonging to a world-weary passengers plite
would wrap you up in satin and feed you a life
billowing out from the sidewalk's delightfully
shown off lines
as trees clamber for the skies
as trees clamber for the skies
looking up and getting by
that doesn't sound like a good time
i hope you're having a good time

finally a focus to find fault in the chorus
it's crawling along lost
gone from that portion of time tossed
shrugged off
but it'll pull you in again
as it pulls me again
it'll pull us in

into a night
where, how lovely a light hangs down
on a space which once held infinite sight
now it's buried in brilliance
and it's igniting the pavement
and it's new-found arrangement
oh, but it almost seems slight
inviting perspective inside

and facing the waters down
still with a snide comment and a let-me-down
as trees clamber for the skies
the trees clamber for the skies
and i don't mind if i should grow old and tired
as long as i have a good time
i guess i'm having a good time
and i guess you're having a good time
Track Name: Nothing New At All
so the forest finally fell
it's highest heights expelled
now just a field of timber
piled toward the sky
and when the clouds scold the wind
for bringing them in
they've no interest
in how the rain may soak our heads
and lightning bolts might strike us dead
have you nothing else with which to shelter your bed?

and with every opportunity
they bring us something new indeed
but always canopies to one day fall
well that's nothing new at all

play what you practice when work is too much
and hold out the truth for the fiction to crush
nobody knows what idling does
to an engine that's built for running
but try as we will
our patience is nil
so cry for us, won't you?
give us our fill

with eyes untried
but tired of smiling
holding still now for hours, for days
seems like sometime the scenes must change
but we'll take to the floor as the walls are raised

'cause to cultivate the dreams of some
creates nightmares for the rest of us
just as history recalls
'cause it's nothing new at all
Track Name: The Walls and What's Between
look toward the east and you'll see
a glimmering light shining bright through the trees
in the darkness, it beams
down a no-outlet street
and the house beneath
so broken and beat; withered and freezing
to greet all who look on just to retreat

how the walls can ever withstand
the wind at their backs as they dream of the memory
of sleeping in sundays
there's no way a week could pass them by
before they all broke down and cried to me

"there's nothing holding or carrying me"
i heard somebody scream through my open window
so i looked out into the shadows
squinting at a scene
even the naive would have never believed

for the foundation was growing tired
and it continued rising higher
until it split every wire held within
and kept setting fires
spreading as they desired
until the entire house was in flames
oh what a thing to claim
that we could never be saved
Track Name: Delivering You Fiction (From the Shelter of the Pines)
i often fail to comprehend
that which is obvious
i take it in amidst the darkness and get lost
but if my train of thought
gets shaken by your offering
you'll find me standing in the rain to hear your song
and i'll be standing in the rain to hear your song

and i'll leave my shoes
for their soles are thin and tearing
i'll find my wheels
and go racing for the stars
a little tired from my slumber
i'll have slept too long
but i'll be wide awake and ready for the dawn
yes i'll be wide awake and ready for the dawn

'cause for a while there
the freezing air
had kept me from my calling, see
to be gliding through the warmth could thaw my lungs
but at least i had the comfort of some melodies
pieced together but which still remain unsung
yes they still remain unsung

'cause i keep my tongue from delivering you fiction
i keep my eyes and ears closed but still i hear
and i see you haven't changed too much
you still remain
a broken heart i continue to revere
so i'll close my mind to every time you're insincere
oh, but so sincere

but the present writes the footnotes
to all past goodbyes
and i have given them away too many times
perhaps the future is a mecca for "hello, my dear"
when i will greet you from the shelter of the pines
and you won't be bidding me farewell, just goodnight
so goodnight

and i'll leave my shoes
for their soles are thin and tearing
i'll find my wheels and go racing for the stars
a little tired, i won't slumber
i have slept for too long
so i'll be wide awake and ready for the dawn
and you won't be seeing me at all when i'm gone
Track Name: But, I Digress
to find a warm embrace
in whatever has mislead me
to take my place in this tale of solitude
'cause though i've been 'round
what i've found has led me
to keep searching for a town
that'll bring me something else to do

but i know what it's like
and you know what it's like
to learn not everything you plan can come true
so what're you waiting for?
i guess i just expected a little more

now try your best to hear me out
for i'm without what brings me down
to talking points of interest
not that you could resent this
oh lady of no presence present

but, i digress
my clothes are torn to pieces
won't you forgive this lack of thesis
it's because i'm here to bare
what my mind so well declares

oh please
what causalities are these?
what is life without trembling knees
and getting taken away by a summer breeze?
oh don't you know
i dream of loving my telephone
but i can't hold
a conversation for too long
before i'm wondering what to say
when the silence gets too cold
it's like the feeling that you're wasting time
it's like the feeling that i'm faking life
(it's like the feeling that you're gone)
Track Name: Not a Worried Sigh
the sunlight stains my eyes
catches me crying through
a hole in my roof
as i'm watching the birds who are flyin'
out of a city known better
out when the weather came in
and painfully thin
when it seems they've been flyin' forever

and street lamps igniting for dinner
but we've found no winner
it seems
it ends with a dream
of a game which was made for beginners

and days with the words of believers
acting unreasonable
yet keeping their cool
when denying the truth in the fables
and at the opposite side of the table
keeping the cradle on end
and trying to mend
what relies on a surface unstable

so capture the characters falling
failing to call up at all
and painting the walls
every color which you've been recalling

from the days spent among what you've wanted
feeling confronted and tame
presented with names
in a city whose growth has been stunted
yeah, you really must have been reelin'
caught in a deal with the trees
you'd sit at their feet
if they promised you shelter worth stealing

but you lost the nerve
to be nervous, i'm sure
that what you have done
belies all you've become
as someone who tries
and who finds out what they like
but lifting no lids
and kicking no shins
not a worried sigh
no sign of life

so there, unaware, in a chair by the stairs
it seems that your eyes
have been thoroughly cried
from morning 'til dusk
you will hide what you must to be fine
with whatever sounds nice
(that's all there ever is)
Track Name: A Song For a Girl and Her Wandering
well ain't you been gone for such a long time
chasing your stages and speaking your lines
won't you stay, dear?
we could be happy anywhere
but how can such a lonesome bell ring?
to be seated upstage and still be down with the choir
singing, "where in the world is my heart?"
oh, where in the world do i start?

but you're feeling okay
as you sit and flip pages
you're scattered and torn
about time being spent with nothing yet born
so you pace 'round the room
and you fake casual fools into thinking you're crazy
insane as a loon
but you'll be sinking and all too soon
believing you're tame and lost in the gloom

and i'm still waiting to be crossed into
seeing her eyes and wishing she were mine
while becoming too kind for my own good
but as niceties go
if yours never show through
be careful when offering the truth
the spotlight will shine down on you

so don't you be gone for so long a time
you'll be missing home on the other side
but so long as the green grass grows
you'll be packing your bags as on you go
but you'll always come home
Track Name: Raise the Vocals (Over Rooftops)
you say that you want to hear the truth
well okay, so here's the truth
the truth is i can't lie to you
and honestly you won't believe
the saying or the repeating
oh, what we've come to do
with the certain few
the only ones who were real enough to choose
the truth is, i've been crazy for you

baby, you're a snug fit
and lately you have dug this shit
clearly you're alright
oh, but i ain't got the time
and you ain't been on my mind
not like some others
'cause some others shine under spotlights
in certain dreams of mine
they're dressed in white summer dresses
only messing with my eyes
though i've been blind
no, only stupefied

and i don't want to have to hide from the daylight
or the nights that i came close to taking up knives
she used to cut into her skin
thank god we've got the internet
'cause for all i'd know, she would be dead
am i dead to her?
is she dead to me?

turn up the vocals, my friends
i want to hear you sing
and even if you won't say anything
i know what you're thinking
but i don't know what you mean
'cause i know only words can ease the pain
only time can usher in
and scars will break open again
'cause they're barely healed at all
it really comes down to the next fall

just shards beneath the sheets
we've been sleeping on
and waking from some dreams
which we run from
and whatever they're telling us

come on
it's just a building burning
but what of the twisted metal
glowing beneath a summer sun
now covered up
now moving on
now clutter's what we prey upon

i'm flustered with the ivy leagues
they're such a private thing
now pirating their linear teeth
and i'm smiling at the severed trees
'cause they were ruining the lawn
but all in all
it's just steps in bare feet
we're climbing up to rooftops
'cause they're only leaking
but they're soaking all who stand beneath
will you stand with me?